Want to Stand Out with ease—to claim more clients & cash or boost your career & income?
Keep enthusiastic, high-performing employees and grow a wildly Thriving workplace?
Create So-Satisfying relationships, with friends & fam, in your romance & even your parenting?
To help make the world that Better Place around us all?
It’s time to focus on What’s Strong, not what’s wrong!

Welcome, Awesome You! to The Powers of Appreciation,   The Science of Positivity,  The Art of Presence

Positive Focus is solution-oriented. Positive Focus is joyful confidence. Positive Focus is Success!

The secret of top performing organizations? Overcoming apathy, burnout and cynicism with more of the right kind of appreciation, for employees and clients who are engaged, productive and loyal. Speaking and Training for Positive leadership and a winning culture.

Entrepreneur woman coachNot getting the clients, cash or advancement you’re after? Owning your presence makes you magnetic and unstoppable–ready to soar your go-to expert status and get known, get visible (and get media).  Coaching and Intensives Especially for women and solopreneurs. 

Lost your joyful outlook?  Relationships running low on spark, high on criticizing? Skip the complicated self-help! Re-discover simple habits to enhance your happiness, your health, your romance and your parenting. Books and Programs Especially for busy women.

  Thriving Leadership  Ÿ•  Excellent Service Ratings  Ÿ•Ÿ  Soaring Employee Satisfaction &Retention  Ÿ• Ÿ  Positively-Charged  Culture  Ÿ•Ÿ   Promotions & Raises   Ÿ•Ÿ Repeat Clients & Referrals  Ÿ•Ÿ  Vibrant Self-Confidence & Relationships

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