Speaking Programs

Speaking Programs

Sizzle up your next meeting with author, professional speaker and America’s Complimentologist Monica Strobel, the Go-To Appreciation Expert.  Her positive leadership essentials impact each and every member of your audience, whether they’re C-suite, managers, entrepreneurs or anyone looking to accelerate their success.

In her wise, witty and warm-hearted style— always entertaining and infused with humor—Monica enthralls  and empowers audiences for transformation and success with her secret sauces for your competitive advantage, connection and results

The Keynote to Fire Up Your Meeting, Message and Audience: 

The Appreciation Advantage: Power Up a Winning Brand, Thriving Workplace and Rising-star Career with The Next and Only Competitive Edge

Today’s highly digitized marketing and management is stalling out the drive, loyalty and connection we’ve relied on for success. With sweeping shifts in organizational structures, work-life values and buying behavior—and competitors a click away—what is the future of getting to the top?

The latest on human performance and success confirms what by-gone leaders to today’s superstars know: that essentials of appreciation are key to motivation, impact and market-share—for employees who consistently do great work, rewarding relationships that last and happy customers who sing your praises. Yet this core principle and top influence tool is often overlooked and misused.

Leaders, managers and anyone looking for a winning edge today will discover the hidden powers of appreciation and how to ignite the commitment, connection and sense of contribution vital to chart-topping results—at work and in life.

Key Takeaways

  • Three powers you must activate to build morale, loyalty & word-of-mouth buzz
  • How you’re growing collaboration, innovation & engagement—or blocking it
  • Improving influence & attitude with no-budget tweaks—and what to avoid


Positive Leadership | Organizational Culture | Employee Engagement | Sales & Marketing | Customer Service | Career | Motivation


SPARK It Up! How to Instantly Ignite High-Performance Drive, Connection and Results, Bringing Out the Best in Those You Lead–and You

As today’s do-more-with-less, unsettled and competitive climate stalls  out productivity, morale or customer care—even your own attitude or impact, it’s easy to get stuck focused on what’s wrong or a next big thing.   Yet we overlook and underestimate the core essentials that not only matter deeply—now more than ever—but are proven to activate and sustain our most important assets:  people and relationships.

In this compelling program, leaders, managers and everyone looking to fuel their success will discover how to revitalize results with the core powers of SPARK. Using this quick, practical, irresistible formula ignites others—and you—with the sense of value and drive for excellence key to a culture of  high performance and enthusiasm, exceptional customer experiences and resilient, productive connections. Plus, SPARK It Up to boost your career and healthy well-being—and make a bigger positive difference, at work and in life.

Key takeaways

  • ­­  How SPARK triggers motivation, collaboration and brand-boosting wow
  •  Simple mindset switches we overlook and their bonus leadership benefits
  • ­ Why ‘shiny stuff’ stalls out and how to increase results without a bigger budget
  • ­Using the 3-step SPARK system for immediate results—and what to steer clear of

Applies to: Leadership, Organizational Culture, Career & Personal Success, Employee Engagement, Motivation, Productivity | Customer Service | Sales

Count on Monica’s presentations to be all that– and more!

  • Content rich— packed with the latest research, stories, myths and insights
  • Practical— delivered with plenty of interaction, ah-ha’s and take-aways
  • Lively— always entertaining, upbeat,  full of ah-ha’s and sprinkled with humor
  • Empowering— proven to motivate audiences and groups of all sizes

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More Popular Speaking Topics

SHINE It Up! How to Take a Compliment and Other Success Secrets to Sell Yourself with Sizzle Not Sleaze

If you can’t take a compliment, you won’t climb the career ladder or land that client

Radiating Recognition: The Leaders Guide to Inspire, Engage and Achieve by Flexing Your Power of Praise

Step-by-step tips on motivation and recognition for managers, leaders, supervisors and small-business

Are you light-weight on giving recognition and praise? If so, you’re missing the simplest, most powerful tools to enhance employee engagement and productivity! Leaders consistently ignore, misuse or complicate these motivational techniques, even as people are maxed out and wary of the future, creating gaps that leave them feeling disconnected from outcomes and their contribution taken for granted. In addition, the ability to both give praise and accept compliments is proven to speed your climb up the career ladder and grow better, more successful relationships. Pump-up your power to give those around you what they crave most and strengthen your results in work and life.

  • Uplevel your understanding of the tie between recognition and results
  • Discover five ways praise is more powerful than you think and how to tap these powers
  • Learn new trends in adding more praise and recognition
  • Take away the essentials of giving the most meaningful recognition– including how to accept compliments better

Got APPRECITUDE? Your Super-Power for Leading and Engaging for Success

Upleveled training on the power of appreciation to enhance employee engagement, retention and performance

Do you ever wish you could switch higher performance, commitment and connection in your organization, employees and those around you? Since appreciation seems more Clark Kent-like than Superman-style, leaders often overlook and underestimate how deeply it matters, especially when everyone is being asked to do more with less. Discover why and how leaders can harness three powerful components of appreciation to supercharge those around them with the mindset, motivation and sense of contribution that are at the core of individual and organizational success.

  • Discover the three distinct super-powers of appreciation
  • Understand how appreciation is key to winning mindsets in organizations, teams and individuals
  • Unearth where you may be holding back on appreciation and opportunities for more
  • Learn some of the most effective means of appreciation and how and when to use them

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Breakouts, Training, Workshops

  • Executive, Manager and Leadership Best Practices
  • Entrepreneurs, Small-Business and Career Development
  • Formal or Informal Employee Recognition/ Employee Engagement Programs
  • Appreciative Inquiry Seminars, Compliments Chains, Kindness Initiatives, Gratitude Programs

  • Harness the Hidden Powers of Compliments: Five Secrets to Boost Your Well-being, Enrich Your Relationships and Seed Your Success
  • Rock the Attitude of Success: Six Simple Ways to Make Your Attitude Your Ally for Achievement and Happiness
  • Unlocking Emotional Intelligence: Five Simple Keys to Positive Leadership and Connections That matter

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